Write Your Manuscript With Ease

year-long writing mastermind

Write Your Manuscript with Ease

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Align your intention & confidence so you can write the book you’ve been dreaming of.

Learn a creative process that allows your words to flow with ease, within a supportive group environment. You will be guided through three progressive stages of writing, leading to a completed manuscript at the end of the year!

Imagine … Breaking free from the isolation and loneliness that often accompanies the writing process. Instead, find yourself in the company of other creative beings, who have all said “Yes!” to unlocking their words and allowing their stories to flow onto the page.

Imagine …. Learning to work with your inner and outer critics, no longer at the mercy of critical voices that interrupt your creative flow.

Imagine …. Holding your completed draft in your hand, with a community of writers alongside you, cheering you on every step of the way.

Write Your Manuscript with Ease includes:

In this program, you will receive the guidance, support, and accountability you need over a year to complete the first draft of a manuscript you love!

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“I could not have written my book without Marie. Her courses are revolutionary. She has given me the confidence I needed to just write. I know that when I’m done with this book, I can write more! I know there are a couple more books in me now.”

Heather McMillan
Heather McMillan

“I used to write all alone. Writing in a small, trusted group is much better because it provides a safe space to share my vulnerabilities before anything goes public. To write a book is one thing and to put it into the world is another! Marie’s programs are spaces to learn from others’ pieces what matters and what doesn’t, learn how to trust, and grow the confidence to share with a wider audience.”

Yvonne Winkler
Yvonne Winkler
Lady smiling and typing on a laptop
Say YES to your deepest desire to write a book.

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write your manuscript with ease

year-long writing mastermind

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