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Breakthrough Writing Barriers

Tuesday November 8 &
Saturday, November 12th
10:00-11:00 am  PT

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Storytelling is a sacred craft–where your personal stories create deep resonance.

With a pen in your hand, you have the power to inspire others and connect with them through empathy, tears, life lessons, and shared laughter. Experience a writing process where your personal stories create deep resonance with your audience.

Writing can sometimes feel sticky when you encounter your limiting beliefs, your inner critic, writing blocks, at the time you want to get it done!

I’m hosting two special online classes in November to experience the Four Foundations. Join us to reignite your creativity and break through barriers to get your words flowing onto the page. 

In these hour-long interactive classes, you will:

“Working with Marie is a delight. She is exactly what I needed for my writing journey. She is kind, patient, empathetic and a great listener. She supports without judgment and guides through her sense of humour. I am grateful to continue my work with Marie.”

Yvonne Basten
Yvonne Basten

“Marie opens up the world of writing in a very gentle way. In her programs I’ve learned both trust and confidence. To have a group of people from all walks of life reflect what stands out for them in my writing is a very cool experience. I feel understood and hopeful. It makes me want to continue writing and sharing my words.”

Yvonne Winkler
Yvonne Winkler

“I could not have written my book without Marie. Her courses are revolutionary. She has given me the confidence I needed to just write. I know that when I’m done with this book, I can write more! I know there are a couple more books in me now.”

Heather MacMillan
Heather McMillan
Discover Your voice


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