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Step Into Your Story
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This online journey is an introductory step into writing; no previous writing experience necessary.

We meet each week to create fresh writing from prompts, listen and provide encouraging feedback, and read our writing aloud to a cozy, supportive group of 6 participants. Discover your unique voice and story, and get comfortable sharing it! You also receive two one-on-one coaching sessions with me to further develop your writing goals. Each group session focuses on a specific theme designed to expand perspective, develop your writing muscles, and fall in love with your writing style. Once you complete Step Into Your Story, you’ll be ready to soar.

Step Into Your Story includes:

In this program you will create fresh writing from inspiring, exciting prompts designed to make you think deeply and grow your skills as a writer.

“Introducing my fresh words to a group of listeners feels like having a little child loved on. When people receive my words, it helps me see that the tempo, the phrasing, or the twist got a positive response. It’s helped me build my confidence as a writer. I know now that the way I write is well received. I love giving the gift of presence and encouragement to other writers in turn.”

Sheri Burke
Sheri Berke

“Marie opens up the world of writing in a very gentle way. In her programs I’ve learned both trust and confidence. To have a group of people from all walks of life reflect what stands out for them in my writing is a very cool experience. I feel understood and hopeful. It makes me want to continue writing and sharing my words.”

Yvonne Winkler
Yvonne Winkler
Step Into Your Story



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