The 4 Foundations of Strong Writing

Free 4-Day Live Series

from October 24th - 27th,
10:00-10:30 am  PT

4 foundations of strong writing
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I’m hosting

The 4 Foundations of Strong Writing

a free 4-day Facebook Live series for the curious writer wanting to re-ignite your passion for creating with words!

Join me in Marie’s Writing Oasis...

to learn the foundations of strong writing that I use to help writers deepen their craft, share their stories, and pursue their writing projects in a space of inspiration and alignment.

By incorporating these essential elements into your writing, you will grow confidence in your words, recommit to your writing goals, and hone your skills.

In this series, learn how to:

Most importantly, you will receive clarity on the next most important step for your writing project.

“Marie has great resources. She is very intuitive and deeply curious. What she hears and inquires about in each piece is amazing. She embodies what it means to listen and to hear, and shows how important these skills are in the writing journey.”

Yvonne Winkler
Yvonne Winkler

“I never thought I would connect with a group like the one I met through Marie’s courses. So many incredible women with incredible stories. We would get so sucked into each other’s writing that we would forget to make notes! I got along with all of them... We are still connected to this day!”

Heather MacMillan
Heather McMillan
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