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have you been wondering how to Successfully Publish Your Book to the world?

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How to Successfully Publish Your Book

A two-part ONLINE series: September 24 and October 1
10 am to 12:00 pm PT

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with guest facililtator

Sarah Kades Graham

Sarah Kades Graham

Have you been wondering how to successfully get your manuscript out into the world?

Best-selling hybrid author Sarah Kades Graham unpacks indie publishing in this two-part series. If you’re ready to get your work out to your audience, this is the place to receive practical industry advice and determine your next steps to publishing success. If you’ve been wondering how to best use your resources to get your book into the right hands for publishing, join us and find out!   Getting ready to publish is an exciting time for any author! At the same time, the world of publishing is unfamiliar. You may feel out of your element. I’m a writer, not a publisher! you may be thinking.

During Indie Publishing 101, you will learn:

Session 1:  September 24, 2022: Attend an enlightening, informative presentation by Sarah Kades Graham, best-selling hybrid author, as she shares her indie-publishing experiences and winning advice that will smooth your road to success. 

Session 2: October 1, 2022: During this two-hour interactive Q&A conversation with Sarah and Marie you’ll get your burning questions answered. You may choose to simply listen in as other writers share their questions and are offered insights. 

You will come away with a clear idea of next steps, a timeline for making your dreams of a book a reality, handouts of useful resources, and a realistic idea of the cost required to make it all happen.

indie publishing 101

Each session takes place on a Saturday morning

 September 24 & October 1
10 am to 12:00 pm PT

A two-part ONLINE series: September 24 and October 1
10 am to Noon PT


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