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I want to write a book! Where do I start?
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Writing from the Heart

Craft Your Compelling Story

January 24th – 28th, 2024

Courses & Events

I host a variety of writing courses and events designed to help you step into writing, develop your unique voice and writing style, create a committed writing practice, and work towards your bigger goals.

Each program is designed for a certain stage in your writing journey, but the common thread is a small, supportive audience of fellow writers who are listening for what’s strong in your writing. Writing may be a solo activity, but bringing it to the world is so much easier within a community of insightful, encouraging writers.

Write Your Manuscript with Ease: Small Group Mentorship

Don’t wait decades to manifest your writing dreams! My small group mentorships are designed to support each writer discover the joy of putting words on the page, overcoming obstacles, and developing confidence in their creative vision. The first step is saying Yes to your desire to write.

It’s mind blowing to hear what other writers come up with. Their emotions behind the words. I’ve heard some very profound writing over the last year. To have my own words received by them is an honour for me. It’s humbling and an honour in both directions  – a giving and receiving. The other writers help calm down my inner critic.”
Yvonne Basten
Remember, it’s not your age that matters, it’s the energy inside of you that says, “Yes, it’s time to start writing that book!”.  One of my writers, Sally Ann Devereux recently shared,
“[You might be] 82, like me! Get going if the passion is stirring!” Sally now has a published memoir, Waiting for Tom.

Changing life circumstances have me considering the possibility that I may only continue offering my writing mentorships for one more year. So more than ever, if you have been waiting for the right time to join us, January 2024 could be it!

Writing From the Heart Retreat

Craft Your Compelling Story

Writing From the Heart is the perfect way to start your year. This retreat provides dedicated space and support to get you started on your path of joyful writing. Connect with our supportive community. Learn playful practices. Be amazed as your words show up on the page. Whatever your level of writing experience, this retreat is a time to focus on nourishing your creative vision.

Building Your First Draft

Are you working on a longer writing project, like a book or a memoir? Instead of toiling away alone, build a committed writing practice, grow your writing skills, and overcome your pesky inner critic within a supportive group of other creative beings.

Write Your Manuscript with Ease: Year-Long Mentorship

During this year-long writing journey, learn a creative process that allows your words to flow with ease within a supportive group environment. Your mentorship includes group writing times, individual coaching sessions, accountability, and practices that will transform you into a confident author. Imagine … Holding your completed draft in your hand, with a community of writers alongside you, cheering you on every step of the way.

Step Into Your Story

This online journey is an introductory step into writing, no previous writing experience necessary! The focus for this group is creating fresh writing from prompts, reading our words aloud, and providing encouraging feedback to a cozy, supportive group of 6 participants. Discover your unique voice and story, plus get comfortable sharing it!

Your Private Writing Guide: One-on-One Coaching

This writing program is perfect if you’re seeking individual support as you deepen your writing practice or embark on a big writing project. As your writing guide, I work with you to break through whatever may be holding you back in your writing. I also provide technical support, as well as developmental edits for authors who want to nurture their rough first draft writing into a polished second draft. We will explore the gems within your life experiences in order to develop what’s strong in your unique writing style. As our work together progresses, you will discover your ideal readers, your big WHY for this writing project, and ultimately fall in love with your words. The support I provide is based on your specific requests and timelines.

Author Assist: Publishing, Coaching & Mentoring

Author Assist is all about helping and teaching new and established authors how to market themselves and their books.

Karina Kantas and her team will follow you through every step of the publishing process. Author Assist has a team of experienced, dedicated professionals ready to help you on your journey.

A writing retreat?  Was that something I should even consider, seeing as I was - in my eyes anyway - so lacking in writing experience?  I took a chance despite my uncertainty.   

Within the first hours of the first day my uncertainty was dispelled. What a treat to join with others who had also set aside their precious time to focus on writing. Throughout the weekend we were encouraged to share our words, learning to listen with purpose as others read their writing out loud.  I discovered the power of reading my words aloud, hearing the cadence and rhythm of my words for the first time. Absorbing the feedback of others to a reading - not just mine, but theirs as well – was a rich experience.  Deep connections were created in a short period of time.

How reassuring it was to hear that I wasn’t the only one trying to figure out a process for fitting a writing practice into my life.  The practices that others followed were as varied as the experiences and lifestyles that they brought to the group.  A significant impact of the retreat was realizing that the best process for my writing was whatever worked for me.

But the biggest impact?  The beginnings of confidence that writing, whatever the type or topic, was something I could do.  Will I continue to let writing evolve in my life?  I will.
For someone, anyone, who has even a glimmer that writing something, anything, would be welcome in their lives, I heartily encourage them to join a Retreat with Marie.

Diane Palmason
Athlete, Author, Memoir Writer
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writing from the heart

january 24 to 28, 2024

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