The writing feedback guidebook

How to Ask For & Receive Helpful, Supportive Feedback on Your Writing

When I finally worked up enough courage to start asking some of my closest friends for their feedback on my rough draft memoir, some of their “helpful” comments felt quite devastating. It took some time to realize that not everyone has the ability or knowledge to provide skillful feedback.

In the interests of eliminating this type of unhelpful feedback, I’ve created this guide to help you:
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About Marie

Author, mentor, guide and founder of Adventures in Writing

I aim to provide the same inclusive, supportive experience I had when I started writing and sharing my words. Without this support, I never would have had the clarity and courage to write my memoir, The Chocolate Pilgrim, based on my experience of walking the Camino de Santiago with my husband and adult son.

To consistently get feedback from people that said, “You can really write!” changed everything for me. You need support like this when you’re so far out of your comfort zone. Marie helped me develop a healthy expectation for writing a book, and the confidence I needed to get it done!

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Heather MacMillan

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