The Chocolate Pilgrim

after walking the Camino de Santiago

 in northern Spain, Marie followed a path to reclaim her voice. Writing was her route to deeper healing and transformation. 

Marie's book The Chocolate Pilgrim about walking the Camino de Santiago
The Chocolate Pilgrim Book

A Word From The Author

Marie Maccagno is passionate about walking, the great outdoors, and chocolate. In the spring of 2009 she made a commitment to walk 800 kilometers through Spain in the hopes she could eat all the chocolate she could find.

What she didn’t expect to find was herself.

A walk that long gives a person a lot of time to think. Marie’s mind dished out big lessons around forgiving her mother, entertaining the idea of possibly leaving her husband, and honoring herself as a parent. One step at a time is how Marie completed the Camino de Santiago and learned to love herself after all the years of inner self-hate.

Marie Maccagno
Author, Writer, Mentor and Guide.
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Marie's book The Chocolate Pilgrim about walking the Camino de Santiago
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What Readers Are Saying

Marie and I connected when we were both working on our first books. Back then finishing a manuscript was a far away some-day dream. When we first started reviewing each other’s words, I instantly knew that my writing was landing in a safe place, one free of judgement or harsh criticism. Marie’s feedback always helped me see the beauty in my words and helped them blossom where they still had room to grow.

Katherine Marie Tetz

Katherine Marie Tetz

5 Star Rating

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“I can choose my own path’: that’s what Marie’s journey has taught me. Her words will transport you to a place where you know you can choose too — and that’s a rare gift. When you read her book, you will be so glad you walked this path with her!”
Michelle Gunderson
Michele Gunderson, Ph.D.

Best-selling Author & Breakthrough Story Expert

“Marie’s book took me on a journey of her very personal quest – and I recognized myself in Marie; difficult family relationships, questions about marriage, and not liking who I am. I am very grateful she did all the walking for me, and chose to share her wisdom in this powerful creative memoir!”
Yvonne Basten
Yvonne Basten

Event Manager
Former Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Calgary

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