Celebrations and Flexibility

Celebrations. Flexibility. These two words encapsulate my energy for this past month. First, some celebrations – always a good way to begin. One of my mentors calls this practice “gathering the energy”.  Starting with wins and celebrations supports a creative, joyful follow-through.

Celebration #1:

I followed through on my commitment to write 100-word stories during the month of November. This practice has been so much fun I’m continuing into December. Some 100-word stories have grown into larger pieces. 

Celebration #2:

I’m preparing a submission for a digital publication. Writing 100-word stories gave me the confidence to get back to submitting unsolicited manuscripts. I’m writing for the joy of putting words to paper, crafting the stories to the best of my ability.

Celebration #3:

One of my small group mentorship writers has just submitted her manuscript to her publisher for final formatting. Much of her first-draft writing emerged in our writing circles. The feedback process and support within the group encouraged her to continue revising to completion. We are all thrilled!!! Stay tuned for book launch information in 2024. 

Celebration #4:

And now for something completely different – celebrations related to my own self-care as I continue to adapt to my husband’s chronic leukemia and declining health. He has required several unexpected and unplanned medical interventions during the past few months. Each time I’ve had to readjust schedules, manage limited energy, and accept what is.

I’m continuing to maintain healthy boundaries, maintaining my well-being at the same time as I am present to my husband’s needs.

Celebration #5:

Further to self-care, I joined a Caregiver Support Group, hosted by our local Hospice Society. I immediately felt like I had landed in the right place, and I was reminded – once again – of the power of a supportive group. Whether it’s writing or life, having dedicated time to connect with each other will get us through the hard times. Reminders that you are not alone.

Celebration #6:

Looking back over the past year, I know deep in my bones that the structure and process within our writing circles nurtures success. It doesn’t matter whether you want to publish or not. Success is about falling in love with your words.

One of my writing clients recently confessed, “I am starting to like what I write! I read over my stories, and they are pretty darn good!” Whatever your writing experience you arrive with, you will find a supportive space here. Bi-weekly meetings build accountability and provide incentives for continuing to write. Suggestions are encouraging and information is presented at appropriate moments. It’s a time where we come together to share “words in process” with an audience waiting to hear your words. Long-lasting relationships form during these circles, and we continue to inspire and uplift each other. 

Creatively Yours,
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