Planning For 2023 – Choosing Less Rather Than More

At the end of 2022 I did a lot of soul-searching about my business, taking into account my desire to write another book, along with ongoing health challenges within my family. I asked myself if it was time to close the door on Adventures in Writing. The answer to that question was a fierce NO! The next question I asked was, “Do I want to continue putting energy into growing and expanding my business?” Once again, my answer was No! My mentor, Michele teaches, “When you know what you don’t want, turn toward what you do want.” Given that I work best from summaries, here’s highlights for what I want in 2023 – choosing less rather than more and what that means for my writing clients:

I want to sustain and nurture my business for many more years to come.

As my husband’s health cycles through illness and treatment for his chronic leukemia, I intend to continue facilitating small group writing circles through all the ups and downs. I’ve been doing this for five years, and my ability to focus on writing keeps my sense of well-being alive. I’m deeply committed to this writing community, a safe and supportive space.

I want a personal writing mentor.

One of my business coaches suggests that every leader should have a teacher, mentor or guide. During my soul-searching process, I envisioned the person I’d like as my mentor. Turns out I know someone who fits the criteria in a beautiful way.  After some back-and-forth conversations, I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ll be working more intensively with a writing mentor this year.  A side benefit is that whatever I’m learning will filter back into every aspect of my programs, in groups, and the 1-1 support I offer. Everyone wins!

I want more time for my own creative writing to grow.

I have contracted a mentor to review fragments of a very rough draft I’ve been working on/ playing with for over three years. I’ve asked for suggestions regarding a possible structure that can hold the strongest themes together. Once I’ve got a working structure, I’ll be able to fill in the form. There’s no lack of ideas in this brain of mine, my challenge is trying to corral them into something coherent.

I want a business aligned with my values.

I value my creative process and writing enough that I am creating space in my schedule for personal writing time. One way to do so is stepping back from marketing, which surprisingly to me, takes time and energy. I am also deliberately limiting the size of my writing groups, so everyone receives more attention. I am content to allow my business growth to happen organically. I greatly appreciate all of  your word-of-mouth referrals. I will continue hosting free writing events to support those with limited financial means. I am dedicated to building this community, using a writing process that ultimately transforms lives.

What happens in my writing circles is more than putting words on paper.

“Marie opens up the world of writing in a very gentle way. In her programs I’ve learned both trust and confidence. To have a group of people from all walks of life reflect what stands out for them in my writing is a very cool experience. I feel understood and hopeful. It makes me want to continue writing and sharing my words.”

I want to especially give a shout out to my team. Each one of them supports me in heart-felt, dedicated ways. Lisa Doiron, Laura Langfitt, Ann-Marie Wilson, Yvonne Basten, Brittany Veenhuysen, and Danica Prowse –you provide the foundation for this work and our community, supporting me in choosing less rather than more.

Creatively Yours,
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  1. I am so grateful to Marie and her gift of creating and sustaining a nourishing space for my words to come through.
    Jan P

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