When Is It Time to Start Writing Your Book?

My dream of writing a book and becoming a “real writer” – publishing and sharing my stories with wonderful readers – took decades to become a reality. 

You don’t have to wait decades to manifest your writing dreams! My year-long mentorships are designed to support each writer discover the joy of putting words on the page, overcoming obstacles, and developing confidence in their creative vision. The first step is saying Yes to your desire to write.

Writing is so easy to procrastinate on and put off, no matter how much we want to tell our stories. Whenever I felt a strong urge to write, many self-critical voices started to pipe up, dimming that creative spark. My internal dialogue sounded like this: “I’ll start writing when x, y, and z are done.” “I’ve gotten excited about writing before, but I always fizzle out.” “No one will ever read what I write.” 

Bring Awareness to Your Internal Dialogue

I invite you to take a moment and listen to your inner dialogue. Grab a notebook and write down what you hear. Some voices might be positive, some are likely critical. Those critical voices are the ones that can keep you from moving toward your writing dreams. They can also keep you isolated, never sharing your ideas or stories.


When I finally joined a writing mentorship, I discovered how life-changing it can be to write with others in a supportive environment. I was scared to share my writing with others, and when I was gently encouraged to do so, I received feedback about what was strong in my stories. I learned how to listen to the beauty and power of others’ words. My experience within this creative mentorship – which resulted in writing and publishing my memoir – is the foundation for my business. I share the best of what I’ve learned – and continue to learn – in my year-long mentorships.

You’re don’t have to be alone ❤️

I believe that as writers we need to be strong together, gathering with listening ears, open hearts, and commitment to this sacred practice! Because writing is a sacred practice, and our stories want to be heard.

Writing can be hard. It feels vulnerable, and often it feels sticky. We can feel uninspired, lose the trail of where our story was going, or wonder what the point is. When you’re in a state of struggle, you can feel very alone.

So – returning to that question:  What is the right time to write a book? You decide.  It might be right now! Check out this short video. 

Remember, it’s not your age that matters, it’s the energy inside of you that says, “Yes, it’s time to start writing that book!”.  As Sally Ann Devereux shared, “[You might be] 82, like me! Get going if the passion is stirring!”  

Sally now has a published memoir, Waiting for Tom, which we recently celebrated together. I’m so proud of writers like Sally, who begin their writing journey in my mentorship, and bring the process to completion by sharing their stories with their chosen audiences. Publishing is optional.

Have you got that burning desire to write a book? A memoir? A poem or three? If you’ve had a lifelong dream to get writing, make this your time! 

Book a call to learn more about my 2024 mentorship.

Creatively Yours,
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1 thought on “When Is It Time to Start Writing Your Book?”

  1. Good morning, thanks for your email. I live in North Vancouver and I will be joining the North Shore Writers Association. The first meeting is Monday September 18th. I will learning more about how what they do supports my writing process.

    However, I was curious about what it looks like from you. Is it weekly meetings, etc.? How do you support writers and what is your cost?

    Thank you for your answers!

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