Why Choosing Writing Means Choosing Adventure

During the process of developing my new website and redesigning my brand, I was asked if I wanted to change the name of my business, which is Adventures in Writing. My immediate response was a hard NO! Here’s why.

I believe that writing is a grand adventure. Even when I am not able to move my body, travel to exotic places, or I’m in lockdown for weeks, writing transports me. All it takes is a notebook and a pen, along with dedicated time and space, and I’m off on a journey full of surprises.

If I’m writing about an adventurous experience from my past, I not only get to relive that time, but I also learn from the reflective process of writing. When I was writing my memoir, The Chocolate Pilgrim, I felt joyful, since I was anchored in the sensory experience of walking the Camino once again, while also making meaning from the significant incidents along the way.

I choose my writing adventure, depending on time of day and my intention.

Writing alone in my journal during the early morning hours is a nurturing time for me, as I explore topics that are top-of-mind. I get to dive into the topics that show up during this free-writing time, and I gain insight into the ideas that require attention. Without writing, I don’t acquire this level of clarity to guide my choices each day.

At scheduled times during the week, I work on developing written pieces that I intend to share in my groups. Having a commitment to the group gives me a renewed purpose, the same way that hiking with others keeps me motivated until we arrive at our destination. I’m less likely to give up when I know I have others traveling with me – whether it’s putting words to the page or feet to the pathway.

Writing together and sharing words in a small group allows everyone to hear their words in a new way, and have their writing received in a way that completes the communication cycle. Each person begins to hear their unique voice, their specific way of experiencing the world. Feedback happens without judgment. Without that sense of “good” or “bad”.

Writing is an adventurous exploration of relationship with my intended reader. As I wrote and revised the text for my new website, I kept each of you in mind, the writers I want to support. For those who step into one of my writing circles, we are building a writing community where we develop skills, learn to take risks, explore difficult topics, and respond to each other in respectful ways.

My new website www.mariemaccagno.com  reflects my love for adventure, and my evolving purpose. I’m committed to creating safe spaces for people to grow and explore their writerly selves, to uncover their deeper stories, and be received by generous listeners. When you go to my website you’ll find free resources on topics of interest to writers, as well as small-group programs designed to support your writing dreams. Are you ready to join this adventurous community?

Creatively Yours,
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