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Words Matter

In one of my late January writing circles, our theme was informed by Imbolc, the time in the Celtic calendar for honoring waxing light and nurturing our creative selves. It’s a seasonal time when the seeds in the ground begin to stir and new life emerges from the dormancy of winter. One of our writing prompts was a line from Spiral Dance: “We meet to share the light of inspiration, which will grow with the coming year.” 

I continue to feel the benefits of this exploration, as powerful creative energy and renewed commitment has arrived over the past few weeks. It’s hard to tease out any one individual reason, but I credit one unexpected gift that has lit a fire under my writing Self. That gift is discovering the right developmental editor for my very rough draft manuscript, someone I trust, that I know will honor the intent of my words.

New Words

What have you been writing about, you might ask. I’ve been crafting what I call an “ecosystem of essays”, part memoir, part nature observation, along with healthy doses of truth-telling. I’ve been writing beyond the conventional stories of life with a partner who has a chronic, life-limiting illness.  My experiences are infused with what I’ve been learning through Buddhist teaching and practices. Everything is connected, we are all connected. Thus, the ecosystem structure, which supports all the themes.

After being stalled out in my personal writing for a few months, I’m reinvigorated. I want to continue growing my emerging manuscript, and I am reviewing everything I’ve written – a very rough draft – and adding to the themes. Knowing there is a supportive editor waiting to receive my words, who will help me take everything I’m crafting to the next level of development and revision, has unlocked my writing voice.

New Inspiration

I also experienced a shift in my perspective after reading Zena Sharman’s Feb. 23 Newsletter, When No Makes Room for a Yes. The author talked about her process of commitment to writing her next book, describing 2023 as her year of writing discovery, letting herself research, read, and write on whatever topics wanted to be written. 

Now, entering 2024, she has clarity and focus for what she truly wants to share in her next book. Her blog entry mirrors my experience, which has helped me to ease up on critical self-judgment. I’m ready to move forward with more confidence about sharing my words with a wider audience. 

Underneath our experiences, I believe that sharing your story matters, and that your words have the power to create change in the world. I’m exploring biodiversity in human relationships, observing how I interact with others, and the impacts we have on each other. We are all connected.

Your Words Matter

I can’t emphasize this enough: Your Words Matter.  If you have been feeling stalled out with your writing project, this could be the ideal time to reach out, to find someone to walk alongside you as you craft your stories, your memoir, your essays.  

Consider the possibility of pairing up with a buddy, finding a writing group, perhaps an editor if you’re at that stage, or an Adventures In Writing program. There are several ways that I am able to support you, as I continue on my creative journey. I bring the best of my learning to nurturing other writers, no matter what stage of the process they are at.

Creatively Yours,
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