The four foundations of strong writing

Four Foundations of Strong Writing

I’ve jumped back into my business with a renewed focus on supporting writers manifest their writing dreams. My passion is helping writers improve their writing and grow their confidence, no matter what level of experience.

Sometimes the initial excitement of starting a creative project starts to wane, and half-finished manuscripts languish in a digital draft, or remain tucked away in a drawer. Even brilliant ideas can remain, unwritten, in the back corners of your mind and heart.

Take this as a sign to re-ignite your love of putting words to paper. To revisit that beautiful story in your mind, and to re-open your project that could use some TLC.

If you’ve lost some of your passion for self-expression, or you’re looking for a structure that supports your writing journey, I can help!

From October 24 – 27, I’m hosting The Four Foundations of Strong Writing, a FREE 4-day series for the curious writer who wants to launch themselves into a new writing journey!

From 10-10:30am Pacific Time Zone each day, I will focus on one foundation. Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:


The magic in your writing emerges when you allow yourself to move through three important writing stages. When you gift yourself the space for creative outpouring of words without self-editing or over-thinking, the following two stages feel deeply aligned and invigorating. I will go through these three stages in detail to help you position yourself in your project and in your craft!


Sharing your first-draft writing feels like introducing a newborn baby to the world. You can’t expect a baby to walk right after it’s born! In the same way, your fresh writing is not going to be polished. On Day 2, we will explore the difference between loving kindness and criticism – how they feel, which is most useful, and which one tends to result in the magic you’re aiming for.


You are your first listener, your first “audience member”. How do you treat those newly minted words on the page? Are you critical of the words even as you start to write? Or are you able to step back and notice the strengths, the shining phrases that set you apart? Your inner critic is loud and chatty, full of opinions that are rooted in fear. On Day 3, I’ll teach about how to listen to a deeper truth, calm your mind, quiet the mental chatter, and become present to your surroundings in ways that expand your writing.


Writing is a largely solo activity. So much of it happens inside of your imagination, in the peace of your writing room, and in the solitude of your pen scratching on paper. However, it doesn’t have to happen alone. Your words matter, and so do you. Even the strongest, most confident writer is only made whole by the people who gather to listen, reflect on, and appreciate the words you have to offer. On Day 4, I will introduce a writing practice that will transform your words from “good” to ALIVE.

In this Four Foundations of Strong Writing series, you will:

  • Feel inspired to write from a place of passion, fun, & curiosity
  • Shower loving-kindness on your words and yourself, to tame your inner critic
  • Excitedly commit to the next most important step of your writing journey
  • Enjoy a new surge of confidence in the power of your words

This is your invitation to JOIN ME each morning from 10:00 to 10:30am Pacific time, from October 24 – 27th! I’ll walk you through the four foundations of strong writing that will help you deepen your craft and develop your stories in a space of inspiration and alignment. Click below to save your spot!

Creatively Yours,
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