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The four foundations of strong writing

Four Foundations of Strong Writing

If you’ve lost some of your passion for self-expression, or you’re looking for a structure that supports your writing journey, join me for The Four Foundations of Strong Writing.

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Writing About Goodbyes

Writing about goodbyes is an endless topic for encouraging self-reflection. Goodbye implies letting go, creating space for whatever needs to arise next.

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Returning to Creative Commitments

There will always be circumstances that take us away from our creative projects and artistic endeavours. I’ve learned that the important thing is to find my way back, to not lose sight of my goal.

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I'm Marie Maccagno!

I’m the founder of Adventures of Writing, a writing mentor and guide.  You hold stories that are worth telling, and I will support you to have a transformative writing experience, and shift your self-doubt into confidence.

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I host a variety of courses and events designed to help you step into writing, develop your unique voice and writing style, create a committed writing practice, and work towards your bigger goals.

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